Nuclear Industry Digital Supply Chain Summit
13 – 14 September 2018 Jiaxing, China More info

Facts & figures


Nuclear energy has become a huge driver for the world's energy productivity, and is one of the most important energy industries. However, in the long run, the Chinese government is more concerned about the safety and economy of the industry, and continuously motivates nuclear power companies to make new attempts in capital operation.

According to the plan, the proportion of nuclear power in China will increase from the current 1.6% to about 4%, and the installed capacity will reach about 36 million kilowatts. From the perspective of the industrial chain, it includes fuel and equipment suppliers, auxiliary power business groups, power generation as well as nuclear power transmission and distribution companies.

The purpose


1) Learn about best practices of peer industries in the digital supply chain

2) Learn about how the nuclear safety regulations and standards will guide the development direction of the nuclear equipment supply chain, as well as learn and exchange the best solutions for implementing nuclear safety regulations and standards

3) Gain an in-depth understanding of the changes in the procurement model of nuclear power projects and respond to the challenges of the latest round of nuclear power project construction

4) Maximise the efficiency of the nuclear supply chain to promote streamlined production and operation of equipment material suppliers on the basis of guaranteed supply

5) Explore the spare parts management model for nuclear facilities, and promote cooperation between operators and suppliers for a win-win situation to create a complete and efficient management plan

6) Explore the reliability characteristics and ageing management of in-service equipment and materials in nuclear facilities, in order to replace unqualified old equipment in a timely manner, reduce or even avoid adverse effects on the operation of nuclear facilities, and to improve the safety and economy of nuclear facility operations

7) Improve the overseas competitiveness of China's technology and equipment, and to promote nuclear power to go global, and bring in new ideas

Target community

  1. Industry-related state authorities
  2. Equipment purchase, management and maintenance experts in nuclear power operations and general engineering contractor units
  3. Industry-related equipment manufacturers and technical service companies
  4. Industry-related financial service and investment agencies